Friday, 29 August 2008


Sorry for the delay. I am indeed complete rubbish but you can see my travel bloggage through facebook if you care that much about what I got up to in Vienna!!
So. Have slowly got my head around singledom much more slowly than I thought initially I'd take. Its been especially odd because we were together so long, noone my age really seems to have anything useful or relevant to say. I feel like if I hear one more 'when I broke up with my boyfriend, it was terrible, we'd been together 4 months and...' I'll actually scream.
Which leads me onto the title of this post. I've decided that my relationship was like having stabilisers on my bike. Comfy and easy and safe, but stopping myself reaching my full potential or 'top speed' as it were. So now i'm stabiliser free, and racing along, admittedly with a lot more chance of falling on my arse, but having a hell of a lot more fun along the way. Thats not to say I'm not scared out of my head. Hopefully this will go soon!! :)
Off to Hamburg tomorrow- EEK!
S xx


Carl said...

Interesting post, thanks -- and good luck househunting!

Mark Tiddy said...

Interesting post (good to have you back blogging)...your comment about the 'we'd been together 4 months' made me laugh!