Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Manic Manic New Life!

I'm so sorry it's been so long! I guess settling into a new job, new country and new friends never really left me with time to blog even if I've been reading all of yours and facebooking like a demon! Life here has settled into a pattern pretty well now, i have prettified my room and really made it feel like home (read: bought a cheap sofa on ebay and plastered the walls with Uni photos). Work is going great, pretty intense considering how early they start but really enjoyable and leaves me with most of the day free for hobbies, I've started learning samba drumming which is amazingly good fun! In a church and cell which has been great, just getting settled in now which will always take time I guess! I've got a few blogs in the pipeline along the lines of: The german school system and how much RAGE it gives me, having read 'I kissed dating goodbye' a bit of an opinion airing and some more on just settling in and learning to live and entirely new life! If anyone hasnt already given up checking, check back soon! xx


Carl said...

Looking quiet around here...! :-)

The Girls of B2.2 said...

german school systemo!!!!

louise x